For the Martyr Marilyn Buck

by Russell Maroon Shoats/z

The oppressors say you were the only white in the Black Liberation Army
They seek to sow confusion and division
But you were more than that!
In Ireland you would have been in the Irish Republican Army
In Africa the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique,
or the Southwest People’s Organization
In Vietnam, the National Liberation Front
You were the Vietcong!
That’s why the oppressor hated and feared you:
You were the “Enemy of the State”
An oppressive state
But you were always on the side of the oppressed, a dependable ally and friend
Our Sister,
The “New Woman” that Che hoped for,
An Anti-Imperialist Freedom Fighter:
That’s why we ALL LOVED YOU!
Rest in peace my Sister
A job well done!

Send our brother some love and light. Write to Russell Shoats, AB3855, 175 Progress Dr., Waynesburg PA 15370. This poem appeared in the San Francisco Bay View’s tribute to Marilyn, referenced earlier in this blog. It deserves its own place here among the other poetic tributes to her.

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