Marilyn Buck’s Playlist

“Marilyn Buck’s Playlist” is a deeply thoughtful appreciation of Marilyn by Dan Berger, published in Polygraph number 23/24 (2013). A PDF file of the article is available to download from

Dan looks at Marilyn, his friend by means of correspondence, as “student rebel, feminist, media maker, anti-imperialist, solidarity activist, insurrectionist, political prisoner, poet, translator, internationalist, artist, antiracist. Sister, daughter, niece, aunt, cousin, teacher, student, godmother, friend, comrade.” “The promise of national liberation to revoke the license of empire, to literally and figuratively redraw the map of political power, drew Marilyn and countless others into the whirlwind of revolutionary action … When she was incarcerated as a result, she theorized confinement and the gendered racism of state power. This work … became an inspiration to the abolitionist dream of a world without cages. If the guerrilla was the image of national liberation, the prisoner is the figure of the contemporary movement for abolition. As guerrilla and as prisoner, Marilyn embodied the political periphery of two different eras.”

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The extended friends and family of Marilyn Buck, 1947-2010
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