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KPFA Women’s Magazine remembers Marilyn Buck

This brief tribute presents an overview of Marilyn’s life and work, with a special emphasis on her commitment to feminism. Includes the voices of Marilyn Buck, Gemma Mirkinson, Walter Turner, and poet Sonia Sanchez.  Audio of this KPFA radio program … Continue reading

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NYC Memorial November 13

A memorial will be held for Marilyn Buck on Saturday November 13, 4:30–7:00 p.m. at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty  Shabazz Center, 3940 Broadway, Manhattan, followed by dinner and a Freedom Dance for political prisoners. Click here for info … Continue reading

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Photos of Marilyn

I have an album of photographs of Marilyn posted on my Facebook page; it can be viewed by anyone. Website provides PayPal mechanism to contribute to Marilyn’s transition fund through Youth Emergency Service, Inc., a Texas non-profit; all funds to … Continue reading

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Recognizing Marilyn …

i remember when you were a fugitive icon that musn’t be pictured. We made the thoughtless mistake – printed your likeness in a journal seeking to tell your story but hardly comprehending in those brash days the fatal consequences of … Continue reading

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Welcome and please contribute

This blog is for all friends and family and comrades of our dear sister Marilyn. Please post any comments, photos, videos, or poetry to remember her by, including links to other sites. The blog is moderated, so there may be … Continue reading

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Marilyn Buck ¡Presente! by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal recorded a tribute to Marilyn on August 13, shortly after her passing. The text and the audio are here on PrisonRadio. Marilyn joined with other political prisoners to help bring Mumia’s case to the public before it had … Continue reading

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Marilyn Buck sí era una revolucionaria [Marilyn Buck was a true revolutionary]

Rafael Cancel Miranda (the original Spanish follows the English translation; Published in My People, I read the article written by the Rodríguez sisters in Claridad this week about revolutionary Marilyn Buck. I remembered that the Jericho Movement had sent … Continue reading

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Memorials for Marilyn

In New York City a memorial will be held Saturday November 13 at the Shabazz Center, followed by dinner and the Freedom Dance for political prisoners. More info here. A Bay Area memorial was held November 7 from 4-7 at … Continue reading

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