A Hole in the Heart of the Movement

From the Angola 3 Newsletter, “The Color of Innocence”:

Summer has disappeared in the gloom left by the passing of our friend and comrade, Marilyn Buck. There’s not a person involved in the struggle who has not been affected.  We hope that all Angola 3 supporters will connect to this link  for Marilyn’s memorial services. Also be sure to read or listen to her poem “Thirteen Springs” here. We know that Herman, Albert and King have, like so many other political prisoners, been particularly affected by her passing.

Aside from a legacy of integrity, spirit and courage along with enormous talent and creativity, Marilyn, true to her commitment, made sure that those of us left behind would not and could not forget those locked behind bars.  This year, funds raised in her name will go to help support six political prisoners in New York. Angola 3 will be part of this effort.

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The extended friends and family of Marilyn Buck, 1947-2010
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