Two Essays by Marilyn …

… have been reprinted in the new issue of California Prison Focus, (Number 36 Winter 2011) a big issue with many great articles. Marilyn’s articles are:

  1. “Cruel But Not Unusual: The Punishment of Women in U.S. Prisons – An Interview with Marilyn Buck and Laura Whitehorn” by Susie Day. It is reprinted from Monthly Review and can also be found here, and
  2. “Prisons, Social Control and Political Prisoners” (1999) reprinted from Crossroad and Social Justice and it can also be found here.

These articles complement the lead article on “The Social Psychology of Isolation” by Craig Haney, not to mention many shorter reports on current cases and struggles.

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The extended friends and family of Marilyn Buck, 1947-2010
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