Video interview of Marilyn …


Marilyn Buck interviewed in 1989 in the D.C. jail at the time of the Resistance Conspiracy case.

… from 1989 in the D.C. jail, awaiting trial on the Resistance Conspiracy case. This 9-minute video was shown at the Bay Area and New York memorials. Thanks to Lisa Rudman and Freedom Archives. See it at (in a new window).


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The extended friends and family of Marilyn Buck, 1947-2010
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  1. Katy O'Leary says:

    Dear Marilyn ~ Appropriate time this Samhain, where the veil is thinner between the worlds of form and formlessness. I didn’t know of you til I bought a t-shirt at the US Social Forum this year in Detroit. It was the poppies t shirt with your words on the back. Since returning, I have worn the shirt proudly and then learned of your passing . . . felt connected to you, so strongly. I write a few men in prison. You remind me of them, your inspiration, your light coming from such a dismal place. That you have spent 33 years in prison is unbelievable. The Military Industrial Complex and the Prison Industrial Complex must be held accountable for their actions against humanity.
    As Albert Einstein said “no problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it” it is time for us to IMAGINE in our minds the PRISON SYSTEM coming down!! We stand on your shoulders and celebrate your life; may you rest in peace.
    In Lake’ch/I Am Another Yourself,
    Katy O’Leary
    San Francisco Bay ARea

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