Judge sought for poetry contest in Marilyn’s honor

by Mariann Wizard

(my first time to actually use Word Press; thanks for inviting me!)

As a member of the Austin Poetry Society (www.austinpoetrysociety.org), I have made arrangements to sponsor a contest for poems on the theme of “Repression and Resistance”, in honor of Marilyn Buck, in the coming year. The contest will be open to all members of the Austin Poetry Society, and only to members. Membership is open to all for a small fee. There will be small monetary prizes for first, second, and third place poems. There is also a small fee to enter, that covers entry to all of APS’ several annual contests. As a sponsor, I am ineligible to enter this particular contest, and hope to encourage some explicitly political verse by new poets.

As an APS member, I am also ineligible to judge a contest. Judging doesn’t bring any monetary reward, and may involve reading a good bit of poor verse as well as, I hope, some outstanding poems, and actually choosing among them, or even deciding that not all prizes should be awarded. It might be considered a mildly prestigious task.

A judge should be a published poet, and it would be delightful to have someone with added “poetic credentials”: an editor or teacher, perhaps?

Please, readers of this blog, tell me who should judge this contest in Marilyn’s honor, and get me in touch with that person! I will pass along contact information to APS annual contest officials,  who will issue an invitation to participate. If YOU are the right person, and are willing, please, don’t hesitate to volunteer!

Please pass this post along to accomplished poets you know who admired Marilyn, who read at benefits for her, or who read on her CD, “Wild Poppies”! We only need one person (for this year), will the right poet(s) please step forward?


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2 Responses to Judge sought for poetry contest in Marilyn’s honor

  1. maria poblet says:

    i f this is still needed, i would love to be considered. i was on wild poppies and was a friend of marylin’s and her poetry teacher a long time ago.

  2. mgwizard says:

    Dear Maria — THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please send your contact info to me at: awizards@AWizardsLife.com. Claude Marks also suggested you, and I know Marilyn would be pleased!

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